Quality Control

LPSG owns significant aggregate reserves in several locations including Broadview, Regina, Wakaw, Watrous and Saskatoon. Our customers will benefit from our extensive aggregate reserves for years to come.DSC_0151lp

To ensure maximum product quality, LPSG offers in-house quality control. We have laboratory staff and test equipment on site where those services are not provided by our customers. Product streams are tested regularly during production. In addition, we use the services of 3rd party testing facilities to shadow test our in-house testing. This is done often to identify potential issues with our own testing procedures or equipment.

Testing our aggregate during production allows us to eliminate potential quality issues well before our customers experience difficulties. LPSG’s excellent reputation is largely due to its focus on product quality and it is for this reason we offer an on-site testing service.

Lonesome Prairie Sand & Gravel LP holds a strong position in the construction industry. We are well-positioned to meet the needs of current customer demand while expanding our business into new directions. We look forward to building new relationships that are as mutually beneficial as the ones we have built to date.

We have 30+ years of experience providing aggregate for small and large projects. Our experience is in production, but also with logistics management.

We appreciate the opportunity to quote and look forward to working with your team.