LP Presentation folders_35LPSG is COR certified, both in Saskatchewan and Alberta. In Saskatchewan, LPSG was one of the first construction companies to earn this designation. Safety is the top priority in our operations and it continues to evolve with our business today. Our staff receives training regularly to ensure their safety as well as the safety of our customers, our peers and the public. Our equipment meets or exceeds local safety standards and regulations. Our equipment is very well-maintained to ensure it is never unsafe to operate.

We are recognized annually for safety excellence from various organizations including Saskatchewan Roadbuilder’s Association, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Safety Association, Alberta Roadbuilder’s Association and Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.

Environmental Stewardship

While operating the silica sand mine in Northern Saskatchewan, much was learned about environmental stewardship. Environmental consideration was a factor in all areas of mining, including storage of hazardous materials, water management, exploration and management of the land. We have a wealth of experience in proper land clearing, separation of organic materials and soils and we have good knowledge of successful reclamation practices.

We have worked closely with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, providing annual reports to summarize environmental management and to secure permitting for continued mining and expansion.

Environmental stewardship is taken very seriously in our gravel crushing operations as well. Great pride is taken in excavation and management of the gravel pits we work in. Our goal is to maximize resource utilization while being environmentally responsible. Depleted work areas are returned to an aesthetically pleasing, environmentally sound condition. We strive to leave the smallest footprint possible in the areas we work in.